4 Key Tactics for Winning as Protoss in Starcraft 2 Competitive Gaming

I personally believe the Protoss are an intermediate-level race. They are rather easy to play with, and you will do well just with the tier 1 and 2 combat units. Take this simple outline as a place to start for your Starcraft Two Protoss Strategy. While they’re not as simple to play with as the Terrans, it is much easier using the Protoss than the Zerg.

Build Fast

The Protoss are the quickest builders out of the 3 available classes in StarCraft Two, and it is almost certainly something you can use to your benefit. What is unique about the Protoss is that they do not really build anything at all, rather, it’s teleported onto the battleground from their home planet. Rather than creating, probes simply have to summon a structure, after which they are able to move onwards to a fresh task. However, the down-side to this is all Protoss structures must be placed near to pylons.

Starcraft 2

Finish Strongly

The Protoss may also be the most powerful class later in any game, and still have several excellent sophisticated units offered. If given time, they can put together greatly powerful combative force. Alternatively, the Protoss could summon a massed army extremely fast through the use of its warp gates.

Use your defenses

The top automatic shielding structure in StarCraft Two is the single possession of the Protoss, the photon cannon. Not only can it assault ground combat units, it features detection abilities. When you are getting around 150 minerals, the photon cannon will be powerful enough to prevent many forms of bothering enemies, for example reapers or the dark templar.

The only thing to avoid is that you do not depend too heavily on the photon cannon. Numerous gamers make the error of creating a lot of photon cannons and not enough mobile units!

Beginning tactics

The most important weakness you’ll also find when playing with the Protoss is they are extremely slow starters. For this reason, it’s very easy to be hurried at the start. Things for instance gateways take a shateringly long time to build, while zealots are slower to construct in comparison with reapers and zerglings. And even if you actually have a lot of zealots, they can be easily overcome by a more competent adversary.

The very best beginning strategy using the Protoss then, is to quickly get your gateway followed by the cybernetics core, to help you buy yourself a stalker or 2.

Another thing you will observe while playing Protoss is that not only have you been effortlessly rushed, but you may be harassed quickly too, specifically where the mineral gathering operations are. Zerg players tend to mass large numbers of zerglings and continuously attack your probes, while the Terrans will use reaper units to do the same task.

When this happens, there’s 2 things you can do to guard yourself. You may either get some cannons and defend your mineral base using them, or you can try to tech as quickly as possible, so that you can build advanced units like stalkers.

Each options possess down sides though, as building cannons will slow your technological development along with your manufacture of units. Otherwise, trying to climb the tech tree as quickly as you can may leave you wide open to being rushed. Perhaps a well-balanced approach is best!

The only real option for Protoss gamers then, is to scout the opponent as soon as possible, and try to work out what his next move will be. Only then can you prepare yourself, either producing cannons or going for stalkers. The key to winning with the Protoss is to start off with a strong defense, and wait until your tech level has advanced enough to be able to fight back!

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