Do You Think iTunes Needs to be Improved?

iTunes is probably the largest online entertainment merchant on the planet. It’s come a considerable way since its simple beginnings. Selling very well in iTunes normally implies an excellent chart location for groups. Apple’s team have continued to provide even more features and useful functionality to the software. On the other hand, iTunes has come under a significant amount of flak in recent times.

Some Basic Information on iTunes

For starters, the program is typically ridiculed for its large design and lag when used on computers lacking memory. Granted, iTunes was made for the Mac OS however you would be forgiven to presume that Apple will recognize that most men and women own a computer that operates Windows operating system in contrast to having a MacBook or an Apple computer. Regrettably this is not the case and the program can be particularly computer memory heavy. It can be not a simple, sleek design but it is extremely graphically intense. While checking the iTunes Store users may go through quite a bit of lag. Quite a few people continue to use alternative music software simply because they are a good deal less draining. Owning a memory hogging program is typically okay for the high-spec Apple products but plenty of computers suffer while multi-tasking. This really is especially noticeable if you own an iPhone and compare it with your Windows computer. Commonly the iPhone works quickly but using iTunes on a computer is often time consuming! It might be nice if Apple launched a more sleek version.


The second thing is, the way in which Apple has continued to add many more functions to iTunes is a blessing and a problem. It is good due to the fact there is a lot more features to it. It is now not just a way to listen to music, anyone can easily now watch films, get video games, make playlists and organize your iPod. The iTunes Store offers millions of tracks to download and people can even buy movies and TV shows. Using the App Store you can also buy countless apps for a iPhone and iPod Touch. There are video games, resources, maps, books and so much more. Some of the applications are free of charge whilst some you have to buy.

Nevertheless, many people state that there are too many features in iTunes and it is now too bulky and bloated. Still, what might be the remedy? Perhaps Apple could offer various services for the various functions (e.g. a stand alone music player and music store). Alternatively it could deliver a single piece of software but permit users to pull the plug on features that they never make use of. As an example, if somebody owns an iPod Touch yet still buys all of their songs on CDs then they won’t use iTunes to buy new music. Similarly, the iTunes Store now provides a whole lot of content that is only available via a number of products. If a user does not use such a product then it is worthless for them to look at the associated content. In addition, loads of users dislike the fact that they have to use iTunes to organize their iPod. This closed method to functionality has resulted in loads of customers and users becoming unhappy. It would appear that Apple would like people to become a member of their club yet if you are not able to join entirely then you may have to deal with the hassles.

Rather than offer a stripped down version of iTunes, it should instead incorporate even more features and functions. Apple without doubt has the assets and the development staff to develop a product that features much more, yet it should at the same time be mindful to ensure that it stays sleek and well designed. It has already initiated this course of action with the launch of Ping, a social network, available through iTunes, that is focused around music. Why not then incorporate an online bookmark manager and personal homepage profiles? It may be a wonderful method to add a social component to iTunes. As many of us have seen with the enormous popularity of social networks, socialzing online can contribute to big profits as well. Not that Apple has to get worried over its bank balance.

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